The wine village Pavlov is one of recreation centre in the Novomlynske nadrz ponds region. The surrounding is an ideal place for water sports, fishing, cycling, history, art and viticulture fans. The whole village with many peasant and winery grounds has been pronounced in 24th May 1995 as a monument reservation like the Divci hrad castle and the church of St. Barbory, graceful Baroque cemetery, the statue of St. Florian and especially village green, an unique urban unit with line of peasant grounds from 18th century.

The village lies on Devin’s foothill. The hill Devin is the highest in Palava (550m). There is the most significant national natural reservation Devin, the centre of CHKO. On southeast slopes a mosaic of rock steppes is set as well as a strip of typical detrius wood. A lot of protected breeds of plants and animals occur here.
Sight of village PavlovSight of village Pavlov
Pavlov and Novomlýnská damPavlov and Novomlýnská dam
Pavlov and dam Nove Mlyny
Dívčí castle from PavlovDívčí castle from Pavlov
Ruin of castle Divci hrad from Pavlov